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Taiwan government to set up Office of Research Integrity in wake of NTU scandal

Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology will clamp down on research fraud following a scandal at National Taiwan University (NTU). NTU biology professor Kuo Ming-liang was found to have breached research standards in 11 of 18 published papers that he co-authored. He has since been dismissed by NTU.

The scandal began after participants on PubPeer raised concerns about fabricated data in articles published in Nature Cell Biology and the Journal of Biological Chemistry in 2016, which led to an internal NTU inquiry. The President of NTU, Yang Pan-chyr, was also investigated as part of the case, as he was co-author on some of Ming-liang’s papers. Pan-chyr was cleared of wrongdoing.

The Science Ministry is seeking to recoup NT$1.54 million given to NTU in awards for Ming-liang’s publications. It has also announced it will establish an Office of Research Integrity to enforce research standards for Taiwanese researchers and institutions.

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