Campus.Watch serves as a news and whistleblower site for dishonest and unfair practices at universities. It does not provide advice, but serves to share matters with the wider public through online media. Some of the practices that Campus.Watch reports on include:

  1. Favouritism or prejudice directed towards members of staff in matters such as appointment, tenure, workload, promotion and awarding of grants for reasons unrelated to merit or equal opportunity
  2. Favouritism or prejudice directed towards students in matters such as grading, scholarships and resource support unrelated to merit or equal opportunity
  3. Harassment of staff and students, including sexual harassment and bullying
  4. Misappropriation of funds

Campus.Watch endeavours to avoid airing grievances or allegations that are based on hearsay or opinion rather than factual evidence. For this reason, information shared with Campus.Watch should be accompanied by supporting documents (such as copies of letters and emails), particularly documentation detailing the outcomes of official internal or external investigations into the matter. Please be aware that employment contracts and codes of conduct may prohibit staff from commenting publicly on university matters. Laws pertaining to defamation should also be considered before releasing information to Campus.Watch. You are encouraged to seek legal advice before forwarding information to Campus.Watch.

Campus.Watch reserves the right to follow up on any information provided in order to confirm its authenticity. Any information submitted to Campus.Watch should be considered publishable. No information should be submitted to Campus.Watch that is deemed confidential. (Note that information obtained through a Freedom of Information request is automatically deconfidentialised and hence publishable).

Campus.Watch encourages aggrieved staff to first report allegations of wrongdoing to official investigation committees either within or outside your university. Although such bodies may not be of much help, attempts to follow standard reporting procedures in the first instance may assist with your case and offer you some level of legal and employment protection.


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