Murdoch VC resigns amid investigation of misconduct

Murdoch University’s Vice Chancellor, Richard Higgott, yesterday formally resigned. “It is the right time for me to retire,” Professor Higgott is quoted by the University as saying in a University media statement.  “At 65 I have other activities I wish to pursue, including a large writing programme.”

There was no mention of the controversy that pushed him to resign. However, in an email to University staff, University Chancellor David Flanagan remarked that the past few weeks “have been a difficult time for the University,” referring to “the unfortunate but necessary need to refer matters to the Western Australian Corruption and Crime Commission.” Commenting on Professor Higgott’s resignation, he  acknowledged “the valuable contribution Professor Higgott has made to Murdoch”, and noted the ongoing commitment of the University to move forward with Higgott’s vision to be “a globally recognised research lead institution.”

As to the allegations that were directed at Professor Higgott, these remain a mystery. The CCC today announced that it will be commencing a formal investigation into the allegations.


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